Is this the right place to ask this question? Yast indicates I have xscreensaver already installed, but I can’t figure out how to run it. I need to set my screen to blank after 120 minutes, no screen lock. I’ve figured out the no screen lock, but how the heck do I set the screen blanking? Thanks.

As “Screen savers” are nowadays part of Desktop environments to protect systems from those who want to take advantage from users that walked away without locking them (contrary to ages ago when they did realy try to save the hardware screen from wear), it is imminent to provide which DE you use (KDE, Gnome, other).

The above also implies imho that this belongs to Applications, it has nothing to to do directly with the hardware.

I will move it there.

It is probably in the power settings for your desktop. But, as hcvv has already said, you have not told us which desktop environment you are using so we don’t know enough to give more explicit details.

The command “xscreensaver-demo” without the quotation marks should give you a control panel that you can use to configure the screensaver.