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i use KDE, but i need the change displaymanager to lightdm - this is ok, but i need change lock screen to lightdm no to plasma. Please how change lock screen?

Thank you.

I am using “lightdm” at present (with KDE). But I don’t know how to change the screensaver (or lockscreen) to use “lightdm”. I doubt that it is possible.

Thx, for your answer this is not good news for me. I need used lightdm for screen saver.

Like @nrickert, I am unsure what the so called “screen saver” (which does not save any screen, but it locks the session) has to do with the display manager.

Maybe you can elaborate on this so we can understand better what you are after.

I implement two factors into opensuse by yubikey. But sddm is not configured for two factors. Works well in text mode. But I need two factors and in gui. I changed the display manager to lightdm. And the gui login screen works greatly supports two factors. But after logging in and locking the session, linux will show me the locked plasma5 not lightdm. But plasma5 is not ready for two factors so I need screensever to use lightdm.

Thx for help

I am trying to understand. You seem to think that everybody knows immediatly what “yubikey” is and what the expression “two factor” means here. That is most probably not the case.

But I assume you are on a dead alley.

I may be wrong, but imo screen locking is a feature of the desktop and has nothing to do with the display manager. It does not use any display manager at all, but does the locking and unlocking all by itself.

That seems almost right.

I did just experiment. When the screen is locked in KDE (whether manually or after a timeout), I always get the standard KDE unlock screen (looks like SDDM, but probably just sharing library with SDDM). I’ve tried this with display-manager of “lightdm” or “gdm”, and changing the display manager does not have any effect.

It is, however, different with Gnome. Unlocking the screen in Gnome does use “gdm”. And if I set the display-manager to something else (not “gdm”), then screen locking does not work at all in Gnome.

Thanks for the testing.

It looks that my assumptions are basicaly correct (Display Manager is a different piece of software then a Desktop screen locker), but that Gnome tried to integrate these, with the result that you are bound to gdm when you want a functioning screen locker.

Which is a bit strange. The Display Manager should be independent from the DE. When the DM offers the GUI login screen, it is unknown what user is going to log in and the more which DE that user is going to use today. It looks that if you offer Gnome as one of the DEs to your users, you are bound to gdm (if you want to offer them screen locking also).

Thak you for your answer. But KDE (Plasma) must used own screensaver like kscreensaver how change this screen saver for light-screensaver? Do you know? I tryed remove kscreen-saver but the system remove all KDE.
I want to remove kscreen-saver so that KDE remains and I added a screen saver in the hope of taking on its role.

Please help me.

Yubikey is OTP (One time password). In login users give his username and password (1 factor). And the system ask him for OTP (2 factor). In my bad luck the sddm is not configure that ask to OTP. The system automatically writes the login failed.

I try find solution in gui. I finded solution when i lock the screen and can’t login. I start new session and login like last user and this session connect me to last session. I have everything I had open. But this is not correct and not user frendly solution.

Please help me to correct solution

Thank you.

Hi guys,
Putting in 2 cents (or farthings or whatever)…

Sounds like you guys have been making progress which I largely agree, another example of course about the DM are the recent problems associated with sddm which hopefully be ironed out over time, every DM has its own capabilities and are themselves configurable (read the docs for that DM) so in various situations there will be a preferred DM to match with the DE and particular usage.

The first question I had in the original post is what was meant by a lightdm lockscreen, as discussed in this thread AFAIK there is no such thing but of course how a screensaver and lockscreen works can be dependent on the capabilities and configuration of the DM.

One thing that is not double-checked in this thread but is probably done correctly is how the User is switching DMs… Of course, in LEAP 15.x this should be done using update-alternatives and not /etc/sysconfig, by command line or using the YaST /etc/sysconfig/ editor module.

As for managing the lockscreen, AFAIK this should be done entirely using the DE management tools, and KDE/Plasma is no exception.

In another concurrently running Yubikey thread,
I noted that the Yubikey documentation is a bit sparse on setting up Yubikey for 2 factor authentication logging into a system(much better for applications), and there are several ways to set that up… It’d be really hard to provide any kind of help without knowing exactly what has been configured… Exact detailed steps need to be described, particularly regarding installation of PAM components and where the keys are stored, on the Yubikey or in the cloud (likely a Yubikey server)… And then, the exact error that’s caused, whether displayed to the User or in the logs.

IMO and HTH,

See my last post.
Inspect your system log.
There are various ways to do this but I’d recommend using journalctl to inspect the last 50 or so entries after an unsuccessful followed by successful log back in. Or, search your entire log.

If you are unable to construct a jornalctl command (or I suppose in this case since you may not be concerned about search efficiency, you could tail the entire journal log), post what you may have tried or what you’d like.