Screensaver keeps asking for PW - KDE

How do I stop it from doing this?
I’m using SUSE 11.1 with KDE3.
At Application Launcher>Configure Desktop>Computer Administration> Display>Power Control I have power management enabled and have
Standby Disabled
Suspend After set to 30 minutes
Power OFF set to sixty minutes.
Under Look and Feel>Desktop>Screen Saver I have “require password to stop” OFF (not checked)
No matter how long I leave the computer, the display is never powered off but is black with the raster still on and if I move the mouse I get an Enter Password box which I would like not to do.
I am an advanced novice, so probably there is something stupid that I am missing how to do.
Thanks for your help and Happy New Year!

Look to uncheck require password on resume

even better do as I do
forget all screensaving and powersaving

Thanks for the advice.
Password on resume is unchecked as before,
Screensaver is OFF,
Power savings is OFF,
System has been rebooted and all settings rechecked.
The screen still blanks and password box is still there on resume.
Anything else I can try?

In system settings - Display
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Make sure you uncheck

That’s the button, been unchecked for six hours and rebooted just after I UN-CHECKED it. System is still blacking out and asking for password to end “screensaver”.
Thanks for your help and interest.

If you go in to Power Management
edit profiles and each profile in turn
check the ‘Screen’ section in each profile - that power management is off

If all else fails we could start a new kde4 profile and just import what you need from the old one.

In System Settings, there is a General and an Advanced tab. In the Advanced tab, there is a Power Management Icon under System. In there, there is a button “Lock Screen on Resume”. It was checked. Now it is not. I left the profiles alone. As far as I can see, since I am not using a laptop, I am using the Performance profile. I adjusted the length of time for screen dimming.

Thanks for your help. There is always an opportunity to learn more.

That’s got it.
Annoyance is solved - no more asks for password.

It’s a bit of a maze isn’t it:)