Screensaver Irritations

I keep my laptop plugged in most of the time. (I’m using GNOME)

The screensaver config has you set an “idle” time of how long before the screensaver starts up.

This time affects your power management options! If I set the idle time high, I can’t adjust my power options the way I want.

Basically, this irritation stems from not wanting to type my password in when I’m near the laptop and don’t feel like jiggling the mouse every few minutes.

When on AC, I want:
-screensaver to come on after, say, 15 minutes

When on battery:
-screensaver is irrelevant; shut off the screen after 5 minutes of inactivity, go into standby after around 10-15.

The only way to achieve the options I want for battery is to set the ‘idle time’ to 4 minutes. But doing so means that when I’m on AC, the screensaver will come on and lock the station after 4 minutes, which is really irritating.

Is there a solution?