Screensaver crash in 13.1

I’m running 13.1RC1 from KDE live iso in a KVM virtual machine.

Attempting to select a screensaver from systemsettings consistently
crashes systemsettings. Nothing else seems to be affected. I can set a
screensaver ok using xscreensaver from a terminal.


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You report a bug in bugzilla? Report crash?

I used too 13.1 RC1 in normal machine but not crashed for me.

I had the same problem with 13.1 RC1 on older hardware - clicking on ‘Screen Locker’ in System Settings crashes System Settings control panel.

If you have made a bug report, let me know so I can add to it. If not, I’ll make a new report.


This problem is described on the KDE forums here: I did not have the same success that they described, but have not spent as much time on it. I believe it may be related to the Intel i845 graphics chipset I have, as that chipset has given trouble in the past. I didn’t see a SuSE bug report, but didn’t make a new one as I’ll be away for work and won’t be able troubleshoot any more, unfortunately. But my primary system is running 13.1 without any trouble.