Screenlets buggy showin up

I have installed latest screenlets and add them to autostart.
But when I log in screenlets and behaving weird till full log in :expressionless:
Why aren’t they loading smoothly?

This happens in Ubuntu too. It’s a Gnome (or compiz?) issue and I could’n find a workaround.

Hmm, weird cause I didn’t have that issue on ubuntu 8.04 :expressionless:

may i know what DE you use?
and what screenlets engine? is this gnome+screenlets?
personally i don’t like how sceenlets looks like… gDesklets or google gadgets is looking better as for me…
i think you should add your engine program to local autostart.

Yes, it’s GNOME + screenlets

What do you mean? Screenlets are automatically added to autostart at first application start.

ok i pass i did not use this…
i only can ask if it starts but did not start is it produce some error /var/log/messages related to screenlets?

I made a screencast of this, you can see it here → - UPLOAD, WYSLIJ PLIK, DODAJ PLIK (click on the “Sciagaj plik” button)
Notice that it last longer while logging in.

My workaround it to autostart a script that in turn autostarts many other things. This way I can easily change the order in which things are started. With some messing around, I’ve managed to get screenlets to start cleanly under Gnome.

The following won’t be of much use to you, other than to illustrate the idea.

# Autostart wrapper for gnome (eases maintenance).

# These scripts do simple things and should run to completion.

# The amount of CPU and time this script takes is variable so
# background it and do it after the simple scripts.
autostart-backups &

# This runs for the duration of the session so background it.
cairo-dock &

# Done.

But they are loading smoothly on ubuntu 8.04 so I don’t understand why there is such problem on SUSE :\

EDIT: I found a solution for this :smiley:
When I removed all themes from NowPlaying folder (except the one that I use) the screenlet is loading smoothly :smiley:

Wow, i did exactly what you did and now its loading smoothly on my friend’s Ubuntu :slight_smile: Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I’m glad it worked for you also ^^