Screenlets appear on KDE4 and do not appear on Gnome

On SuSE 11.3 x 64 when I log into KDE4 the screenlets appear and work normally. If I log into Gnome or lxde the screenlet manager appear but screenlets themselves don’t.

I’m not a KDE user - but I don’t think that opensuse provides something screenlets for Gnome (which I use) or lxde.

I’d almost say: of course not. These are not screenlets, these are plasmoids/plasma-widgets. Plasma is the technology where widgets (like your panel, the clock, the systray) sort of swim in, whilst plasma-desktop puts them where they belong, or where you want them. Since Gnome and LXDE (and all the others) don’t use plasma, they will not show these widgets.

Home - - you can called whatever you like they called themselves screenlets :))

I instaled my screenlets from Packman, the pack is for Suse 11.2 but run on Suse 11.3 fine, btw on Suse 11.2 there was same problem.

They act as widgets , but are prettier and wooby. Then again if you have idea what makes them not to be launched in gnome environment that will be helpful.

I get what you mean now. No answer though, the site says the run on any composited desktop, that includes Gnome. Since not many have tried to provide a solution, I suggest you post in the forums of, see if they know what’s going on.
BTW, do you have the desktop effects on on Gnome?