Screenfetch mising dependency [ awk required ]


I’m new to open suse, and I’m not sure if this is the right place to report thus issue. However please guide me if required.

I have noticed that screenfetch package does not list all of its required dependencies. Awk is missing, but it is required.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install tumbleweed as distrobox container
  2. enter the tumbleweed container
  3. install screenfetch
  4. run screenfetch

Nice print of system information.

wired messages, and errors

Install awk package, then the print is as expected.


I am not an expert on that, but I think as the maintainer of the package has to see it, this seems to be the better place to put it:

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On Leap gawk is required by openSUSE-release package (among others). On Tumbleweed gawk is required by kernel-default and dracut (among others). This pretty much guarantees that gawk is always present on the “normal” openSUSE installation.

In almost all cases it is not. Open bug report on (same user/password as here).

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