Screen tearing on second monitor (HDMI) only

Dear all,

The other day I hooked up a (new) second screen to my computer and noticed that it suffers from screen tearing (both in windowed applications as well as when playing full screen video). I used to have this issue with my first screen as well, but resolved that by forcing vertical synchronization (‘Use VSync’ under OpenGL Options in System Settings / Desktop Effects). Now for some reason this setting appears not to have any effect on the second screen whatsoever, as it tears regardless of this setting, while on the first screen it does make a clear difference whether or not VSync is enabled. Could this be a bug (i.e. that the setting only takes effect on the first display, instead of both) or am I missing something?

I’m running openSUSE 12.2 (64-bit) with an Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card. The display that suffers from tearing (referred to as the ‘second screen’ above) is connected through HDMI. (The main screen (which is fine) uses DVI.)

For anyone stumbling upon this thread: it appears this is no longer an issue in 13.1. (In System Settings -> Desktop Effects -> Advanced -> Tearing Prevention (VSync), choose ‘Full scene repaints’.)