Screen tearing Nvidia 8700m in xfce

when i play videos in xfce using smplayer i get a fair bit of screen tearing.
this doesnt happen in kde since ive added DoublBuffer “1” in xorg.conf.
i dont understand why it does this in xfce.
my laptop is fairly old and i would like to switch to xfce.

any help would be appreciated,

It is unclear if you have installed the NVIDIA driver???

sorry. yes. using Nvidia 340.32 on a 32 bit Suse 13.1

Maybe try the 304.121 driver that is the G02 version in the repo

but it’s not the driver, there is 0 tearing in KDE and Enlightenment, only in xfce using the same player as in others

Give it a try maybe it works maybe it does not. Let use know

Note that driver might not work at all for that card so be prepared to boot to a terminal and reinstall G03 in yast command line

thanks for the suggestion,
i gave up on it and installed Debian 7.6 with xfce.
dont get me wrong, i love Suse on my desktop, but maybe not on this old laptop. its a Dell XPS m1730, core 2 duo, 4 gb ddr2 ram, it does have a wicked 1920x1200 screen :slight_smile:

anyway. it’s all good now,