screen shifting, opensuse 10.3 for ppc on eMac G4


I have just deployed opensuse 10.3 on my eMac G4, ATI card. The screen looked fine during the installation. But, after my first login, the screen shifted to left- the left of the desktop was missing and there was a black vertical bar on the left. You can imagine what I mean.

I think may be something wrong with the xorg configuration.

Can someone help me here?

I have the same problem with my screen.

To change it, just issue the command sax2 into a terminal and wait for the Sax2 window to appear. When it does, press the button in the bottom-right to accept the current settings, and when prompted with a small dialogue box with the buttons: Save and Test, press the Test button. This will give you a screen to change the size and positioning of your desktop. Use the arrows to move it, or if you have an auto-focus button on your monitor, press that. Once you have found the correct settings for your screen, exit, and restart the X-Server.

This may move part of the OpenSUSE splash screen off your monitor, but I’m not sure how to make both screens fit correctly. But in any case, your desktop should look normal after the Sax2 adjustment.