Screen shaking like Water

I have downloaded SUSE 11.2 Genome CD and trying out in my PC before install. Whenever I unmaximize/maximize a window it shakes kind of like Images in water. Is this some special effects which can be turned off?

Need help before installling as I have never seen this thing in Windows XP.

You will see a lot of things you never saw in XP. :slight_smile: Yes, you can turn special effects on and off at will.


There are several ‘desktop effects’ in Gnome which can all be turned

Click on ‘Computer’ -> ‘Control Centre’ and then click on Desktop Effects,
from there you should be able to work out which is which, and you can
turn them on or off as you wish.

Barry Nichols

Thanks Barry. I am not a gnome user, so I could not explain that.:wink: