screen resolution stuck on 1024x768

Now, first of all, I’m gonna apologize in advance for any stupid questions I’m bound to ask. I’m a natural improviser, I like to play things by ear and sort of learn as I go, so I’ve jumped into this ‘learn Linux’ thing headfirst. I’m 100% new to Linux systems and I’m essentially just…tackling problems as they arise.

So, my actual problem (this time): I just installed Leap 42.3 as a dual-boot os alongside my native Windows 7, but for some reason it’s defaulted my screen resolution to 1024x768, which is not right and makes everything look, frankly, ridiculous. I’m running KDE Plasma 5 on an older laptop, and the live usb version looked great, but the actual install…not so much. I know resolution problems aren’t exactly rare, but I’ve been having a hard time finding solutions for my exact combination of factors.

So uh, any advice would be deeply appreciated.

what’s your graphic card, what driver do you use (if you don’t know say so), what’s the native (max) resolution of your monitor
generally speaking plasma 5 uses the highest possible resolution which both your monitor and graphic card support

now I’m speculating
you have some old nvidia or ati card and no no accelerated driver exists (or is installed) so Linux uses the compatibility vga mesa driver which defaults to the old 17’ 1024:762
if that’s an amd/ati card you’re out of luck as amd has dropped support for legacy hardware, if that’s an older nvidia card maybe installing the propitiatory driver will fix things we still need to know which card it is

lspci | grep VGA

Can you change the monitor resolution on system preferences? Or it doesn’t show any other options?

On desktops, I’ve seen a lot of poor quality VGA cables that can display the right resolution on Windows but are stuck to 1024x768 on Linux… but since you’ve said that is a laptop, I’m not sure if this applies.