Screen resolution is not permanent

opensuse 11.3 w/latest updates
KDE desktop

Whatever resolution I choose, 1600x1200 is preferred, it is reset to a default of 1024x768 when I log out. I use the “Configure Desktop” option to set the resolution. I can find no other method to do so.

The graphics adapter is an ATI hd3200. I have installed the fglrx driver. I cannot fine the “Control Center” for the driver.

How do I make the selected resolution permanent?

To access the fglrx Control Center go to Konsole and become root (by first doing su -). Then the command is


Can you change the resolution in there?

Can you change the resolution in there?

Yes, running amdcccle did the trick. Thanks!

No problem :wink:

After stumbling across the same problem with SuSE 11.4 and trying to figure it out on a standard DELL hardware, I found there is a “Save as Default” button at the bottom left side of
“Start -> Applications -> Configure Desktop -> Hardware -> Display and Monitor -> Size and Orientation” dialog.
Pressing “Apply” button only stores it only for the session.


Cost me a day.