Screen Resolution Error as VMWare Guest

I set up Leap 42.2 as a guest OS on VMWare. When I try to increase the default resolution of 640x480 up to 1280x800 via the KDE Display Settings, the machine freezes instantly and the settings window is multiplied and appears everywhere on screen.

This has never happened to me in any other guest distro which uses KDE. Has anyone encountered this behavior?

Am not seeing what you described…

VMware® Workstation 12 Pro
version 12.5.2 build-4638234

7GB RAM pre-allocated to Guests

Newly installed and updated openSUSE 42.2

Original, default display was 800x600 (If yours is different, then that might be a problem right there. Maybe your VMware is ancient?) You may also want to consider the capabilities of your hardware GPU.
Using KDE Settings, reset screen resolution to 1280x800, then reset the VMware Window to fit the Guest.

BTW - For anyone running VMware and want to set up either shared folders or do hardware pass through, see the SDB for VMware Tools



I have had the same issue.

As I thought it has to be related to the vmware tools, I looked on the vmware website.

I have solved it by following the below article:

Cannot install VMware Tools in a OpenSUSE 12.3 virtual machine (2053818)

Hope it helps.

I wrote what I hope to be “the” authoritative guide to installing and using VMware Tools on <any> current, future and unsupported openSUSE version.

It should apply to every openSUSE (even all Linux, not just openSUSE) until VMware themselves changes how VMware Tools are distributed and used.