Screen resolution cannot be changed


Well, this question does not really fit in any category… But since it is about graphics, maybe here it will be good.

My problem is simple, but extremely annoying:
I am new to OpenSUSE, I have version 11 with KDE 3.5.9 (KDE 4 is still unstable and useless). In the display config, on the “size and orientation” tab, I have only this one sentence:
“Your X server is using the RandR extesnsion at version 1.2 or greater wich doesn’t have any configuration yet.”

What the hell!!! That thing thinks it is okay to simply keep me in 800x600? Please help me before I go postal… :eek: :confused:

You can try the below way to modify a xorg.conf file.
Bryan’s technical world: How to change X window configuration (Ubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora)

Thank you, it worked. Moreover, after this, somehow the graphical settings started work and now I can set resolution from there. :D:D:D

You are welcome.
I wish everyone can enjoy openSUSE.