screen resolution 11.2 Gnome/KDE

I am trying out Open Suse 11.2 on a pc with an Nvidia Fx 5200 128 Mb.
Running the KDE version I get a screen resolution of 1280x1024.
But with the Gnome version the max resolution is 800x600.
Can anyone tell me why.??
Plus i can not find the way to install the nvidia driver

Conclusive proof that KDE is better than Gnome :slight_smile:
But seriously, follow the instructions on the Wiki at this website to install the NVIDIA proprietary driver, and then use nvidia-settings as superuser to set the resolution and everything else. Works the same under KDE and Gnome, and you should only have to do it once.

NVIDIA - openSUSE use the one click and you’re done.
First search result for Google/Yahoo/Bing for “opensuse nvidia”.

Well the one click Nvidia driver install is fine but how do you adjust resolution. Its not in YAST that I can find.

I already gave advice on this, check your topic on the matter.

I was just coming here to post a link to the other thread :\

11.2 KDE where do you change resolution - openSUSE Forums

sax2 -r -m 0=NVIDIA
In the window you can change resolution.

Or just use nvidia-settings as su. You can do that from the konsole on the desktop whereas sax2 is best used at runlevel 3.