screen refresh rate and keyboard layout problems!!!

First, the screen resolution:

My login window has the correct screen refresh rate - 85hz. Anything less than 70Hz is too painful for my eyes, as the flicker of the screen is viscerally painful.

When I get into Gnome, it is set to 60Hz, despite anything I do WHATSOEVER.

If I use Control Center -> Graphics Card & Monitor, I am able to set the correct resolution and refresh rate FOR THE LOGIN SCREEN ONLY (1600x1200@85HZ). THIS DOES NOT AFFECT GNOME WHATSOEVER.

If I use Control Center -> Screen Resolution, IT REFUSES TO GIVE ME A REFRESH RATE OVER 60 HZ. As such, GNOME REFUSES TO GO OVER 60 HZ.

Xorg.conf does not seem to have any settings that I can alter to FORCE Gnome to display above 70Hz.

Also, when I use the NVidia X Server Settings, I can set Gnome to 85Hz, but I MUST DO THIS EVERY F**KING TIME I LOG IN OR RESTART. It refuses to save to xorg.conf, even when I launch the program as root.

Second, my keyboard layout:

It seems that Linux is inherently hostile to my Microsoft Office Keyboard and the Dvorak keyboard layout.

No matter what I try to use, I am unable to have Linux properly recognize my keyboard layout as Dvorak when I am at the login screen. Each and every time, it gets it into its butt-ass-stupid head that I am using QUERTY, even though I installed it using the Dvorak layout.

Also, no matter what I try to do, I am unable to have Linux properly recognize (and KEEP THE KNOWLEDGE OF) my keyboard as a Microsoft Office Keyboard, complete with independent cut-copy-paste keys, a scroll wheel and application switcher keys.

Every time I set it to the correct setting, it defaults back to some butt-ass-backward hayseed-in-the-wilderness keyboard type that I have never heard of before… something called “A4Tech” or whatever that is. Why is the “A4Tech” keyboard the illegitimate love child of Linux??? Did Linus happen to use one himself and think that everyone had to use one???

Any suggestions to fix these problems before I rip Linux off of my machine and go back to Windows?? I have been banging my head against these problems for a good week or more now.

(Just kidding about Windows… just. But I’m getting close.)

I can only answer the refresh rate thing.

In xorg.conf search for Monitor section and add this line anywhere in that section:

VertRefresh 85

Restart X by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Backspace (twice), login back.

Now go to Control Center –> Screen Resolution and you should see 85 HZ option.

Part of the screen issue I resolved simply by reinstalling openSUSE. I now have the proper screen refresh rate under Gnome. However, I am going to test your idea out with a spare box of mine; hopefully it will pan out and I will be able to utilize it in the future.

As for the reinstall – no way am I going to make active use of this machine until it is bug-free, so a reinstall - while frustrating - was hardly an issue. I had nothing that needed saving anyhow.