Screen problems after screensaver kicks in, Leap42.1 +Kernel 4.5.2 + skylake


Any time that the PC goes into standby the screen goes monochrome below the height of the mouse cursor, I can sometimes infer where the mouse is by the colour displayed below the line, above the screen is as before, except sometimes there is a little bit of wraparound.

I have added the fix recommended here:

Earlier I came across some linux posts on the web that recommended removing all the extra mouse cursor themes, as one or more of them does not play well with screensaver/lock. I had tried that earlier, and it seemed a bit better than before, but cannot find the instructions to do that.

Does anyone have any ideas how that is done?

That sounds like old recommendation that may not apply at all anymore

Could be, but it did seem improved when I tried that, even with too old a kernel for skylake CPU.