Screen permanently freezes after login, although system remains operational

Among the load of errors introduced by Tumbleweed, there appears to be a very serious and critical problem too. At first I thought it was some rare event, but now I notice it happens on both my desktop and my laptop.

What’s happening is that, approximately 15 seconds after logging in, the screen freezes. I can continue moving the mouse pointer around, but nothing can be clicked or otherwise moves. The only thing I can do is hit “control + alt + f1” to go to a system console… if I use “control + alt + f7” to return, the mouse pointer appears on top of the console and nothing can be done. The HDD (red led) is not used, and if I type “top” in the console I see a normal list of processes running… meaning the system hasn’t crashed and everything is otherwise running.

Apparently this doesn’t happen if I log in as root, only if I login on my user account. Any thoughts on what is happening exactly? Could this be the X11 server somehow crashing? Is there a known solution?

Which snapshot exactly? I’m currently using 20151014 (not the last one 20151017) and everything seems OK here.

No specific snapshot. I upgraded from 13.2 via ‘zypper dup’, and am running the latest packages in the official Tumbleweed repositories.

If this is an important hint, I just did the following experiment:

1 - Start the machine up to the login manager.

2 - Log into my normal account.

3 - Quickly hit the “change session” button before the freeze happens.

4 - Log in as root in a different session.

Result: The session on my normal account has the frozen screen. The root session however works perfectly fine. I can switch between the two anytime using control + alt + F#.

Sorry for the triple post, but I think I found the source of the problem: Desktop effects. I quickly hit ‘Alt + Shift + F12’ to turn them off at login, and since then I am no longer getting the issue. I also set them to OpenGL 3.1 instead of 2.0, which might be why this wasn’t happening on root. Either they were causing X to crash, either a broken effect caused the last rendered image to appear on the screen so everything else was invisible underneath. I will see how it goes in the future.

Just curious, how did you update from 13.2 -> Tumbleweed? Did you follow the steps outlined in the wiki? Does it still crash with a different DE?

One thing you can try is to create a new user with desktop effects on, and then try to log in and see if it crashes. If it doesn’t then the issue is probably related to something in ~/.kde* directories.

I simply changed all 13.2 software repositories to Tumbleweed, then ran “zypper dup”, afterward cleaning orphaned packages and a few other checks. That seems to be what the wiki says too, so I figure I followed the instructions accurately.

If the problem happens again, I’ll just turn the effects off temporarily and see if that stops it. I just today noticed that desktop effects cause a few artifacts since the upgrade, such as older parts of the screen rendering in some areas… it is however rarer.

After several days of testing, I believe I can confirm what the issue was: I was using OpenGL 3.1 as the rendering backend for desktop effects. Once I reverted it to OpenGL 2.0, I haven’t had such crashes in a week.

I have a tendency to select the latest things all the time, which is why I’ve always used 3.1 here. They never caused problems in KDE4 but in Framework 5 it’s a different story. There’s virtually no visual difference and all effects work the same way, so there’s no need to use that setting anyway.

This sounds very much like a problem I’ve been having. I didn’t see your thread, and posted my symptoms here instead:

I will definitely try your idea of changing the desktop effects (though how do you tell/change the OpenGL version of the backend?)

Briefly, I am seeing freezes when I start applications immediately after login, though TBH I never tried just sitting there and waiting! The mouse will move, as you describe, but I cannot click anything. A CTRL-ALT-F1 will allow me to kill the session and try again.

Fingers crossed for the OpenGL fix :slight_smile:


I temporarily switched to the packages from the Frameworks5 repo, the issue is fixed in those. As soon as these land in TW I’ll switch back.

Unfortunately, switching off the OpenGL desktop effects didn’t do the trick. Although thinking about it, perhaps the KDE splash screen that I’ve selected may be using OpenGL effects? It’s the one where two “bars” come whooshing in from the top and bottom. I’ll try choosing something more sober tonight to see whether that helps.

You mentioned the Framework5 repos? I might give that a try too (is there a wiki page for these?)


Removing the KDE splash screen completely didn’t help, alas. But upgrading to Tumbleweed snapshot 20151124 does seem to have helped. Things do lock-up occasionally (in the same way as before), but it is not as easy to reproduce after the upgrade. Curious.