Screen of Death

I’m using openSuSE11.0 with Intel 855GM Chipset on laptop. Have 'screen of death ’ (black screen with full system freeze >:)) when I logout my KDE3.5 I suspect it is a bug in graphic card driver, cause on same hardware I didn’t have any problems with openSuSE10.3

Probably the graphic system was changed since 11 version. But nobody can confirm it in SuSE community. I noted it happen if graphic card change mode from X to ‘frame buffer’ mode. Maybe it is a solution to boot into text mode before X starts and when you logout it comes into text mode (not in FB mode).

The same ‘screen of death’ I see when I press in KDE Ctrl-Alt-F1 The problem is that sometimes it happen and sometimes not. So, very difficult to catch the problem. >:(