Screen/monitor goes bat **** crazy on, off, on, off, on after been shut off for several hours....

Not sure what’s going on now, but turned monitor on after few hours sleep and it kept going on and off repeatedly for 5 to 10 minutes then finally is on and staying on. Have GeForce 210 graphic card installed, DVI-D single link cable end at back of monitor to HDMI cable end on graphic card. Registers as HDMI in “Display and Monitor” settings but originally registers monitor as DVI with little monitor popup window. Didn’t seem to have this behavior when using VGA to VGA cable. NVIDIA graphic drivers are installed and listed as well. Not sure what else to do or how to check the issue? Maybe it’s bad DVI-D single port issue in back of monitor, or maybe it’s bad DVI-D single link to HDMI cable, or maybe it’s just better to use HDMI to HDMI cable, which I’ve ordered and will try then. OpenSuse Leap KDE version, I disable the screen locking and energy saving settings (dim screen after X, etc).

Well to note; not really on, off, on, off, on, with powering part of it… just screen goes black, then can see desktop, then black, then can see desktop, repeated several times until it stays on and to view desktop etc. I wiped out Leap once, and loaded USB stick to “try Kubuntu” once and see if it happens with that… I get this effect: while its loading this KDE /Plasma 5 loading screen:

Of course the drivers haven’t been installed yet, nor the operating system, because it’s USB install medium and getting to desktop to either TRY Kubuntu or Install Kubuntu options are available before drivers and operating system have been installed. Not sure if other way to check is by going into BIOS once? Hard to think graphic card is going bad already, just got it Oct 13th lol. Is there any way to tell from Kubuntu or OpenSuse if it’s hardware issue / bad card? VGA GeForce 210 01G-P3-1313-RX 1GB 64-Bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 HDCP Ready Video

Or maybe just bad DVI-D single slot to HDMI cable, just try VGA to VGA for time being until the HDMI to HDMI cable comes in mail.

Alright here’s what I’m trying once, I unplugged the 24" NEC monitor and plugged in the LG Flatron W1943TB 19" monitor once, with the DVI-D Single Slot to HDMI to graphic card. I had 19" unplugged from outlet before plugging in the DVI-D single slot to back of the 19" monitor, then plugged it into outlet… and then fired up tower and reinstalling Leap now.

Going to see what the monitor does tomorrow morning after I wake up, and see if it’s going black screen, desktop, black screen, desktop, black screen, desktop like it does with 24" monitor… If it does, then most likely Leap or Graphic card isn’t handling the DVI-D single slot to HDMI setup/cable setup… Not keeping monitor registering stored properly or whatever.

It seemed to work alright when I had it VGA to VGA (from back of monitor to graphic card), which is two of the same. When I get the HDMI to HDMI cable in mail probably next week or Saturday latest, I’ll try that once too, since it’s both the same HDMI to HDMI, not mixing inputs and outputs.

Guess all I can do now is try the LG Flatron monitor tonight, and then if need be, maybe try without the graphic card and NVIDIA drivers then. In LG Flatron monitor, there’s only two outputs from back of it, either VGA or DVI-D slot ports. Where as the more modern 24" monitor has VGA, DVI-D, & HDMI. And the tower itself only has VGA input, no others. The graphic card has for VGA, HDMI, and DVI-I. I don’t have any DVI-D to DVI-D or DVI-D to DVI-I cables.

Or, connect DVI-D single link to DVI-I dual port in back of graphic card, then hook up the HDMI plug to HDMI port in monitor, just switch it around how I currently have it, which is DVI-D single link from monitor to HDMI port in card. So, kinda limited currently on what I can use or not. keeping fingers crossed lol