Screen Locking

I have no idea why, but my laptop screen when i’m using open suse 11.1 locks everytime whitout a reason. Every time I have to type my password cause the session was locked “by me”. It doesn`t have a frequency pattern, or at least not that I could notice. Sometimes it locks and then 30 seconds later it locks again, but sometime it takes 30 minutes.
Any ideas?

Disable screensaver and if it’s kde4 go right thru all the settings, they are all over the place.
Look for this too.
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I disabled display power management and it seems to be working!
Thank you a lot!

Great. I got it right for a change;)

Actually, the problem is still here. Like I said, there is no frequency pattern for the session locking, so I thought that you have found the solution, but unfortunately not.

This is very odd.
If you are sure you have eliminated all possibilities we could try a rename of .kde4 folder
It will be like starting from scratch. Your old settings will be in the old folder, so if you need some of those we can fetch them in if the new folder seems ok.
The way to do it is to logout and at the login screen choose console login and do this: mv /home/yourusername/.kde4 .kde4-old

By default there will be screensavers and such like, go thru all the settings and turn it all off.

If it doesn’t behave any differently you can just restore the old folder and work on the problem further.