Screen locker problem in Leap 15.5, Intel and X11

I have an Intel i5-13600K with integrated video. If the screen locker is activated due to no activity then the video to the monitor will be turned off. The monitor goes into standby.

Using the keyboard or mouse does not light up the screen. I can type in a password blind and the screen locker deactivates but the screen stays black.

If I turn the monitor off and on then the screen lights up again and I can see that the locker has deactivated. (This monitor was working fine on a previous linux system earlier this week).

This is using X11 and kde

It could be your Raptor Lake i5 isn’t fully supported in 15.5. Try a BackPort kernel-default, or Tumbleweed. BP instructions here.

Before going with Leap 15.5 I spent some time trawling through the kernel source and it appears that the Raptor Lake backports are present in the distributed kernel. There might be something that has been missed. I’ll try the backport kernel at a later date. Thanks