Screen locked after 10 min regardless of settings


Got 2 screens on one Graphics card.

My screen locks after 10 minutes regardless of what settings I have in " power management ".

It is very annoying !

help would be much appreciated.

thanks and best redards

You have not indicated which desktop environment you are using. Usually screen locking is managed by the desktop software.

For KDE, I go to

System Settings → Workspace Behavior

and then I click on the “Screen Locking” tab (in the left column) to find the settings.

Thank you !!! That was it

yes I am using KDE

best regards from Australia

What are the other settings then? are there more power settings . which ones did you change?

The screen locking is separate from power management. For that in System Settings go to “hardware” - “power management”. That’s all quite self explaining and you have to set it up according to your liking.