screen goes totally black after 11.1 boot

i installed opensuse 11.1 on my machine from DVD,which is also running windows vista

after the install,i installed the updates that yast requires first,he told me to log out and back in to finish installing those updates,i logged out,and i had a black screen,and i can’t even have a CLI

i restarted the machine,and yet the same happens :expressionless:

what can i do to solve this

More info.
Do you see a green boot menu when you start the computer?

yes,but nothing afterwards

Sounds like grub is messed up:

Try repairing grub:
Check here
HowTo Boot into openSUSE when it won’t Boot from the Grub Code on the Hard Drive

i reinstalled GRUB,and nothing happened as well,i reinstalled the whole system,and it’s working

if the problem rises again,i’ll let you all know :slight_smile: