Screen goes to black when ac plug is pulled.

Hello everyone, I am a new openSUSE user who has his system almost completely configured to his satisfaction (and enjoy the SUSE experience much more than my previous distro), except for one thing:

Ever since I got my fglrx driver for my Radeon Mobility x1400 driver X goes to black every time I pull out my ac adapter plug or push it back in. In other words, any time it switches from AC to battery or vise versa, something in the graphical display screws up. I can get back to it by logging off with ctrl-alt-backspace, but this is definitely something I need to figure out.

I have read this (Crash when switching from AC to Battery - openSUSE Forums) forum post, and it seems that user had the exact same problem (with the exception that they were running under KDE and I am using gnome), and it seemed the fix there was to stop using fglrx. But I would like to have this problem solved without having to switch back to the non-proprietary driver.

I have a Gateway NX570X with a Mobility Radeon X1400 graphics card, and I am aware of the issues that come with anything by ATI.

I installed the driver through SUSE’s one-click tutorial, and I know it is working.

The other poster was asked to type: ps -A |grep power. So here is what it spits out

9408 ? 00:00:00 gnome-power-man

As I am no developer, I have no idea what it means, but that was what the other post was asked to do. If there is anything you need me to type to help diagnose, I will gladly work with you to figure this out.


I’m not a gnome user, but I’d try disabling power management and see if the problem persists. It may be related to some gnome-power-man setting.

I would also be very interested in a solution. As mentioned it’s the fglrx drivers that cause the problem. But there must be some solution.
I’ll wait for 11.2 and see if it’s get better, but honestly this driver problem is a real big disadvantage when you want to use opensuse “mobile”.


Thanks for the bump Fertnand

Have just installed the radeonhd drivers…
no problem now by switching between AC and power adapter.

BUT: No more 3D acceleration (I got a Mobility Radeon X1400)

fglrx - drivers -> the power adaptor problem
radeonhd - drivers -> no power adaptor problem, but no more 3D acceleration.

Please help, there must be one real solution!!

Ah ya, and I use KDE4.2 so it’s not just a Gnome Problem.
This error was also in KDE 4.1

> and I use KDE4.2 so it’s not just a Gnome Problem.
> This error was also in KDE 4.1

sounds like it is not a Gnome, KDE or openSUSE problem, but rather a
driver problem… (easiest way is to buy hardware known to have
suitable drivers…)

be sure an log your displeasure/happiness with what you have into the
community’s Hardware Compatibility List at

and, if everyone would do that, then when you are ready to buy your
next machine you have a ready source of info/advice on what works and
what does not…


On Tue, 27 Oct 2009 05:26:01 +0000, Fertnand wrote:

> Please help, there must be one real solution!!

In addition to palladium’s suggestions, contact the vendor who provided
you with the drivers; since it’s their closed-source drivers that seem to
be causing the problem, there’s not a lot the OSS community can do to fix
the issue. ATI will have to address this for you.


Jim Henderson
openSUSE Forums Moderator