Screen goes crazy during install of KDE LiveCD

I am trying to install v11.1 on a Dell Optiplex 260.

When the installation gets to X Configuration the screen goes haywire.

I have tried selecting TEXT from the video selections.

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Jim R


I’ve had this happen before on an Optiplex 280, where even dropping down to run level 3 resulted in a garbled screen. In my case the only way I could get a livecd to work was to use one of the respin versions (with KDE 4.2 or KDE 4.3 already on them and up-to-date kernels and packages). You can find the one from KDE here:

“KDE Four Live” CD](

Or from openSUSE:

Index of /repositories/KDE:/Medias/images/iso

The KDE live CD’s from KDE only have KDE software on them like koffice, konqueror, and such. The ones from openSUSE come with openoffice, firefox, and the like.

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Thank you Ian! I will look check out the repositories.

Jim R

You could try this way:
Installation Problem Suse 11 - openSUSE Forums

Don’t know if you tried that Ian

Yeah caf I tried with vesa as well and it still wouldn’t work.

Rhodes I would at least try it to see if it helps as it would be the quickest solution rather than waiting for a whole other live cd to download. If that doesn’t work then try a respin live-cd and if that fails then try DVD. (I only say respin live-cd first because it worked for me before and it takes less time to download than the dvd iso).

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