Screen geometry too small TC1000

I just installed OpenSUSE on a TC1000 tablet. Everything went well, except my screen is a small screen within a screen. The screen is full size during boot and was full size during install.

I tried to fix using SaX2 but I do not get a Geometry menu option. I only get Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Tablet and Touchscreen. I can change my screen resolution but only the font size etc. changes. physical size of the image does not change.

I am using KDE 4.

Display card is vVidia GForce2 Go.

Have you checked in the bios to see if there is a option to make the screen stretch? I have not checked your particular model but several years ago I had a laptop with the same issue and there was a bios setting that fixed it.

I don’t know how to access the BIOS from within Linux. It only comes up at the start before boot and at that stage the screen is sized correctly. I think I need to somehow switch video card drivers. I will research that next.

Let me know if there is a quick way to access BIOS from Linux.

I added X11failsafe to my boot options in menu.lst and this fixes the problem. It also disables my pen function on the tablet screen. I can live with that for now.

Next to getting wireless to work :slight_smile:

glad to hear you have made some progress, The bios I was talking about is from the startup of the machine before you get into an operating system. Some laptops used to have a screen stretch setting in there.