Screen flickering with Nouveau/Nvidia nvs 3100m


I am running Tumbleweed with latest kernel and updates on a HP Elitebook 8440p with NVidia NVS 3100m graphics. I am using the Nouveau drivers.

Normally, the graphics work stable and smooth. However, currently - and without any changes from my side - I experience regular screen flickering when performing any actions on the screen. E.g., when I run Google Chrome and use the mouse wheel, the whole screen flickers while scrolling. It happens then in all instances, e.g. when I start an application, hide it or get it back on top level of screen, and so on.

I had this already with some earlier Tumbleweed installations/updates, so it might be an issue with Mesa, Nouveau or something. It could be a de-justed framebuffer setting (???). However, I do not have a clue. Any help? Is this known? Thanks!