Screen display regularly turns off

I have just upgraded from OpenSUSE 11.3 to 11.4, and now regulary about every 15 minutes my monitor display goes blank for a split second. My video chip is NVIDIA GeForce 6100. Can anybody suggest how I may debug this ?

I have now downloaded and installed the NVidia proprietary driver, and there is no more problem. It would be good to know what was causing the problem using the default opensource driver though.

That is the default behaviour of some (open source) graphics drivers. The xset command can be used to turn off the built-in screen saver and disable your monitor’s DPMS (Energy Star) features:

xset s off -dpms

It won’t survive a reboot, but can be added to a script and placed into the appropriate autostart directory.

BTW, typing

xset q

would have confirmed if this was the issue.

For more info, type man xset