Screen brightness stuck after suspend/resume 13.1 Toshiba ATI

I just upgraded my Satellite P750D laptop, from 12.1 64 to 13.1 64, with the fglrx 13.251-4. Most things work fine, but I’ve found that after resuming from suspend to RAM the screen brightness adjust stops working (keys, echo # > /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness, or battery pop-up). Any suggestions to make this work?


  • Dennis

The situation’s even worse than I thought. When I come back from suspend to RAM, not only is the screen brightness stuck with no way of adjusting it, it’s stuck on max. That’s really annoying for use in the dark.

How did you upgrade? To be clear: you cannot upgrade 12.1 to 13.1. Too many changes over the years.

I installed to a separate partition.

This has been a blocker for me using 13.1 on my laptop, so I’m back on 12.2 (I was wrong when I said I was on 12.1 before, it’s actually been 12.2).

The same problem for me. My laptop run OpenSUSE 13.1. Laptop is Acer Aspire v3-551 AMD A8 with Radeon HD Graphics, RAM 4Gb, internal video 512mb, fglrx video driver.