Screen brightness function reversed on Dell Inspiron 9300

Just given a new lease of life to Dell Inspiron 9300 by reformatting hard drive and installing openSUSE 13.1. All seems well except for the screen brightness. This has hardware Fn + Up and Down controls and for some reason the up and down have been reversed. Not a big problem but when booting screen always starts dim and has to be turned up (using down control). Is this easily fixed? Budgie2

I don’t have a solution for you, but google ‘dell inspiron 9300 brightness reversed’ (and similar), and you’ll discover it’s a known issue.

Hi deano,
Many thanks. Should have googled it first. Plenty of similar experiences reported as you point out, but no easy solution. I too had to fit new screen and swap inverter from the old one so I guess it is an hardware issue.
Not critical so shall move on. Thanks again.