Screen blacks out

A very annoying thing has started to happen a couple of days ago. Several times a day the screen will go completely black. It’s seems to happen when a new window or plasmoid is created. Not nearly always but often enough to be a severe pain in the ass. All taht remains visible is the mouse pointer, when i move that to the top right corner (which activates present windows) and everything will re-appear. However, the system will also become extremely unresponsive until i can renice the Xorg process. Xorg will then continue to use CPU cycles at a higher than normal rate (about 20-25%).

Any ideas on what caused this and how to solve it?

Opensuse 11.1 KDE4.2 QT 4.5 rc1

my similar experience was remedied (workaround) by disabling the Desktop Effect “PresentWindows” as suggested by microchip8 (great catch there)… in systemsettings/Desktop/DesktopEffects/AllEffects.

this was discussed at length in Newest kde4 factory, black screen when firefox starts - openSUSE Forums

good luck. :slight_smile:

So… the effect that lets me see again is also the one that caused the blackout in the first place? Isn’t that ironic.
A shame too since it’s the effect that i concider the most useful.

Thanks for the information though.