Screaming sound on n200

Hi All…
i installed suse10.3 onto a lenovo n200 some time back. I got the sound to work by adding model=lenovo in the sound setup. The only problem is that everytime the machine boots up the volume settings for all the hardware…mic…speakers…etc etc, are all on 100%.So the speakers start screaming as a result of the mic on full blast. I have tried saving the volume on low but it always defaults to high…Any advise would be appreciated.

Can you explain how you tried saving the volume on LOW ? I am going to suggest something below, but its quite likely I am wasting my time, as you have already tried what I will propose, … but due to the vagueness in how you saved the volume, I have NO IDEA if my post is a complete waste of time … (ie next time, more detail … please please! ).

I recommend you set the volume levels EXACTLY the way you want, and then run the alsactl program in an xterm/konsole to permanently store your mixer channel settings : su -c 'alsactl store’
(enter root password when prompted for a password).

Also, note when you open a multimedia application, you could end up with different PCM levels based on that application’s PCM settings (if saved in the app).