Scramble display in Opensuse 11.4

I installed Opensuse 11.4 in my Compaq NC6000 but as soon as login the display becomes unreadable scramble, I am not able to find anything on the web on how to fix this problem. does anybody knows how to fix it?
Please let me know it’s very frustrating. Thank you very much.

Please see if you can boot with the failsafe boot option

I had reboot in safe mode but gui does not come up only terminal mode. run yast to see I could fix it but could not find anything. do you have a way to fix this problem?

Do you know what graphics it has?
My quick Google turned up ATI Mobility

Have you looked at this
openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users

hello thank you very much for your help I have the ATI Radeon 9000 series. I just glance the link you mention and it looks the answer it may be there.
I just have to figure out how I am going to be able to read the display but it’s okay it’s no problem. Thank you very much. I will post back when I get the results.

Use Lynx in the terminal.

Thanks, does it Lynx run standalone? if I have a scramble screen how can I install it and see what I am doing.
Thanks for ur help and I will read up more on lynx.

lynx is a terminal web browser that you can use from failsafe mode since it’s taking you to a terminal.

zypper in lynx

then just “lynx” to run. Use Ctrl+G to change the URL of the page, Ctrl+Q to quit, arrow keys move to the next link, space bar and page down move the page down a frame, Esc will move you out of any text fields. Tab will move you to the next text field or link.

Which graphics drivers are you using?

it’s the default driver that opensuse uses from a fresh install, I have not check yet because it’s hard to read the output so until I used your recommendation I will be able to see it. thanks

I am able to boot in the failsafe mode also I am able to use ICE window manager and
here is the information I gather from Hardware Info.
I am using the DRIVER:radeon, device RV350 NP, DEVICE Identifier 85584, Kernel driver:drm.

Sax2 is no longer available in 11.4 so what do I use in 11.4 to configure the video card?

please let me know and thank you very much.

SDB:Configuring graphics cards - openSUSE