scp problem


Trying to scp in SERV1 from a fresh installed opensuse-13.2 I get the below result and no file is coped:

wg@SERV1:~$ scp wg@.opensuse13:file.txt file.txt
C0777 4 file.txt
wg@SERV1:~$ echo $?

0777 are the permissions of file.txt and 4 is the filesize.
ssh works ok.

scp to/from other machines/opensuse’s in the lan works fine.

Any hints?

Other than the dot after the ‘@’ and before the rest of the hostname, the
syntax looks fine. If you try to write it to a different location on the
local system does that work?

Good luck.

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The answer you get is what remote SCP “server” returns to local client, so that it knows permissions and size; but why it suddenly is echoed I do not know. Try “scp -vvv” for increased verbosity and paste both working and non-working cases here.

Apparently even non interactive shell echoes output to tty, so entering

 -z "$PS1" ] && return

in first line of /etc/bash.bashrc solved the problem.

Thanks for your time