Scim /Skim in Openoffice

Installed Japanese as secondary language via Yast2 in Opnesuse 11 KDE 4.
Everything installed as it should and works as it should - in just the same way as it has previously in Opensuse 10.3 - that is except for Openoffice.

I cannot get Skim to load or enter Japanese characters in Openoffice.
Works fine in every GTK or QT app.

Tried loading Skim with this command

scim -d -c socket -f x11 -e socket

and got this output

Launching a SCIM process with x11...
Loading socket Config module ...
Creating backend ...
Loading x11 FrontEnd module ...
Failed to load x11 FrontEnd module.
Failed to launch SCIM.

found a workaround

remove Openoffice_org-kde
and replace with

Seems strange to be changing Openoffice to gnome extensions to get a kde application to work with it???