scim in opensuse 11.2

scim in OpenSuse-11.2 is working in a strange way. Scim applet is
not visible in the gnome/kde panel when the system starts although it is running in the background.

 ps -u purnendu |grep scim 
 4336 ?        00:00:00 scim-launcher
 4340 ?        00:00:00 scim-helper-man
 4341 ?        00:00:00 scim-panel-gtk 
 4343 ?        00:00:00 scim-launcher  
 4605 ?        00:00:00 scim-bridge

Now I kill the instance of scim-panel-gtk and scim applet appears in the panel and everything seems okay. To add to confusion, you launch/close Yast and
and a new scim applet appears/disappears from the panel.

Anyone having any clue what is happening here? How one can make it work the way it is supposed to work?