SCIM Chinese input works on Dolphin but not in Firefox

I’ve installed 11.4 KDE x86-64,which downloaded last night,a GM version.
Things working great except 2 thing : SCIM & wifi.
SCIM Chinese input works great when 11.3 KDE,but in 11.4 KDE it ONLY works in Dolphin,not works in Firefox…
Anyone face this problem?
Any solution?

Solved,now works

Hi marcoslai

I face same issue on my upgrading opensuse 11.4 system. could u mind telling me how to resolve this problem on SCIM. Thanks in advance.

I got the same issue too.
I upgraded system to openSUSE 11.4 GNOME.
The SCIM Chinese input not works only in firefox.

Anyone with a solution…?

It’s not just Chinese, it’s SCIM anything.

SCIM Korean was the one that encountered this problem the most often in 11.3, but it was still usable on the majority of websites. Now nothing works in 11.4.

Hi guys,sorry for late reply. I’m not an expert,what I get it work is just installed some additional stuff of SCIM,don’t ask me which,I forgot how I got it work…:wink:
Here,all those SCIM related stuff I installed :


That’s it,check whether u missed any of them. Again,I really don’t know which is the trigger,just did it by luck.