SciDAVis on OpenSuse 12.1 how to install?

Hi, I would like to install SciDAVis ( SciDAVis - Welcome ) on OpenSuse 12.1 but I can’t because missing libraries problem occurs.
I’ve tried also to include pacman as repository in my yast, but even if I can find the missing libraries, the installed software doesn’t work (I can only see the startup logo and nothing happens).
I’m using the 12.1 .rpm distribution file (PackMan :: Package details for scidavis) but nothing works…
Is there someone that have been able to use SciDAVis on Opensuse 12.1 distribution?

Additional Informatio: Running from terminal I got:

scidavis: symbol lookup error: scidavis: undefined symbol:_ZN2mu10ParserBase10DefineOprtERKSsPFdddEjNS_18EOprtAssociativityEb

If someone could give me an help I’ll really appreciate this!