scheduled backup app recommendation

Hi all,

There is a couple of folders that I would to regularly schedule a weekly backup onto a slave HD.

Something like a Friday at noon schedule every week.

I don’t know how to use cron for this.

Any recommendations?

I built fwbackups awhile ago for a user, maybe that?

But maybe just rsync will be good enough with a cron job. What DE are
you using? I have also build gnome-schedule 2.1.1 which may help if
your using gnome.

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Thanks Malcomlewis

I am using Gnome 2.28.0

I am installing gnome schedule as I type this.



Great work, looks like exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks a million, Malcomlewis


Hi MalcomLewis.

I like your app.

I am trying to install it, right from the site, but I keep getting errors?

Is there a better way to install it?




Got it working.

Had to install a couple of python items, and intltools

Should of read the readme in the first place.

Thanks for a great app.