Scanvirus v1.02 stable release

There is a bug in the options - ‘MHR’. H and R are not recorded in the scanlogs. All possible combinations need to be checked. I’ll post the fixed scanvirus file as soon as possible.

MHR options work normally, no bugs. So, I have one idea left. Make the defaults for the scanlogs more friendly for import into libre office calc.

Note, you will need to manually change any existing logs to get the better format.

Currently designing…

Semicolons work well as separators for Libree Office Calc.

ScanLogFormat= %o;%s;%f;%n;%c;%t;%d;%p

Converting the logs didn’t take long. You just need to understand the format. One problem, it causes issues with readability.

#scanvirus -a cuHR | tr ‘;’ ’ ’
pipe translate ‘;’ to space

You can use ‘|’ for neat columns. For the ‘scanvirus -vl’ output, i’m designing a fixed columns format.

ScanLogFieldsBar= %o %s %f %n %c %t %d %p

This app is so huge. I forgot where or what this does … :wink:

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The final upgrade, unless I come up with something else or if anyone makes a suggestion, will be padding scanvirus config additions. After this, the version will be locked down to --v1.03–.

%c Command Options + more

%c= 0 → no padding
%c= 10 → 10 - string length spaces

;CuHR ;