Scanning under Linux with Xsane, Skanlite and Simple Scan

The image produced seems to be something other than expected. There is a blue tint and everything seems to be reduced a small percentage from the original as well as skewed on the page somewhat. I expected a photocopy version of the original. Is this normal and, if so, how do I affect a change to have the output capable of being OCR’d with another program. Am I out in left field or is there something to my observations?

It is not normal
I use xsane to scan my photos and it has an excellent output.
Have you tried the different options like changing the scan resolution ?

Will now. I’m just experimenting with text and am reducing this to 150dpi X 150dpi and the image seems a LOT better. The skewing was a result of the paper not being properly squared on the scanner itself. Now if I could just get the application to allow my networked printer, I’d be in a whole lot better shape. Thanks!