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OpenSUSE 13.1 – KDE 4.11.3

Hi all!

I just logged into the openSUSE forum and went to the settings in order to change my email-address. I was asked to enter my password and I informed my new email. When I clicked on Save Changes I got the message that my password is invalid although I had used the same one as in the log in area. I repeated this a couple of times and I always got the same error message. The password must be correct, because I was able to log in. So, why can’t I change the email-address?

Hope anybody of you can help me.


On Wed, 11 Dec 2013 22:36:02 +0000, dank245 wrote:

> I just logged into the openSUSE forum and went to the settings in order
> to change my email-address.

Please see the FAQ on how to change your e-mail address. The normal
process for vBulletin won’t work because of how our logins are integrated
with SUSE and other openSUSE systems.


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Ai, caramba! You’re right. I messed up the questions. The correct one is the following:

OpenSUSE 13.1 – KDE 4.11.3

Hi all!

I just scanned a few documents with Scanlite and I wanted to save them in only one PDF-file. But as far as I saw I cannot scan and save to PDF and the second problem is that several pages cannot be saved into one file.

So, can anybody tell me how I can scan several pages saving them into the same file?

Thanks for your help.

Place the scan images in to a Presentation document then export it to .pdf

Hello! !

I don’t know why the application xsane is no longer installed in opensuse by default. Never mind. It is easy to do so from YaST/Softwaremanager.

When you have started xsane look to the right of a “bullets eye” where you have a drop down list, choose multipage from there and a additional window will show up. Test it from there. There is some preferences to do in both windows but it is working for me both with manual feeding and automatic document feeder.

Good luck!


With this PDF document add-on, you are able to save scanned image into PDF presentation document file easily and you can download it online without charge for evaluation. Besides, to scan multiple pages into PDF document, you may use a Twain scanning control.