Scanner in the network


Im having some doubts here, I’ve a Epson TX 135 sanner/printer.

The printer is in another PC in the network, and via CUPS I can print ok, but i can’t find a way to make the scanner to work.

Is there a way to use the scanner function if the printer is in the network?

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More information is needed in order to assist. Network-attached scanners are reasonably easy to configure, but you have mentioned that your multifunction device is attached to another PC. Is it a Linux machine, or running Windows. If the former, then it needs to be running a sane-server. If it’s a Window machine, then I’m not sure that you can scan remotely from a Linux client.

SDB:Configuring Scanners - openSUSE

Did you visit Avasys for the required scanning utilities?

All-in-Ones (Multifunction Inkjet Printers) | AVASYS CORPORATION

Thanks deano_ferrari, the multifunction is in a linux machine, in fact, is a machine running opensuse 12.2 too.

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Let us know if you require further support with this. While attempting to post a reply, I managed to adjust your post unintentionally. Anyway, it looks like you know what you have to do. :slight_smile: