Scanner experience with HP G4010 and Epson 550V Photo

Hello to all

I will bring you my scanner experiences to. I hope it it will help somebody
out there.

Someday my old Mustek BearPaw Scanner broke down and I had to
look for a new scanner. Knowing that linux and scanners aren’t
lovers I studied a long time the lists of
for a compatible scanner. I decided to look for a used
Hewlett Packard Scanjet G4010, because at the sane-project it is
marked as “Good, resolution from 100 to 2400 supported”.:slight_smile:

The Scanjet G4010 works with xsane but the scanquality is terrible:
-the colors won’t match, and scanning black/white text produces
a lot of grey between.-
I spent al lot of time trying to calibrate the scanner–without any success.>:(
In another forum I read that other people had the same problems with
HP scanners.

So I was looking for another scanner. After a lot of searching and reading
i bought a EPSON V550 Photo.

–It was a good desicion for me. It works fine and I get scans with a
good quality.:slight_smile:

I´am using the EPSON V550 Photo with opensuse 13.2.

Before using the EPSON Scanner, you have to install some rpms from
(sometimes this link won´t work, so you have to start with
go to support and look for drivers)

Searching with V550 for linux you can download two files:

iscan plugin package
core package&data package


-Download the “iscan plugin package” and install it.
-Then click on “core package&data package” and you get a long list with
supported scanners (so I think a lot of other Epson scanner work good with Linux)
-click “Agree”
-click “FAQ” (at the bottom) and read them
-download “iscan-data…” and install them

Now the scanner should work with sane/xsane.

If you want you can download “ican_version…” and install them )which version see
the FAQ). It is another scanprogram (a replacement for xsane).

I hope these experiences are useful for somebody out there.

alpine 310