Scanner AS6E

I’m unable to scan a document with my Artec AS6E, I have the lastest drivers for this scanner from sourceforge, it run fine in Mandriva 2008 (mandriva 2008 offer directly the drivers in their repositories).
The scanner is found, but the xsane or other appz freeze, and the scanner behavior is crazy.

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I see it is a parallel port scanner: was the site SANE: Supported Devices useful?It commented for that linux that status was only basic: AS6E Parport Basic Requires the program ‘as6edriver’ to run. backend: as6e (0.4.2) man-page sane-as6e;clicking on the backend file listed in sane linked to a Dec 2003 website where Eugene Weiss was working on all of this; the maintainer offers email support of problems: Artec AS6E Scanner Driver … would that be of any use?

the page sane-as6e.5 comments that an extra driver is needed: presumably you already have that loaded too

nah, its the sane backend that does not work properly and sometimes the as6edriver. but maybee my scanner is in its end of life…
sometimes I can have a correct preview with the drivers test, sometimes it freeze.