scangearmp2 for Canon Pixma MG7550 does not work

Since the MG7550 is not (yet) supported by SANE I installed the package scangearmp2 from Coanon:
The installation with the installer ( as well as with YaST did not produce any error message. However starting scangearmp2 results in the error message: Speicherzugriffsfehler (memory access error).

dmesg shows

scangearmp2[9080]: segfault at 30 ip 00007fa0cf0f1294 sp 00007ffff2277a20 error 4 in[7fa0cf0e7000+18000]

OS = openSUSE 13.1, x86_64, 4GB memory
Downloaded file = scangearmp2-3.00-1-rpm.tar.gz

Any help with this problem or SANE-support is highliy appreciated.

I don’t own any Canon hardware, but I took the time to install the RPM (scangearmp2-3.00-1.x86_64.rpm), and running scangearmp2 produced a segmentation fault. As this is a proprietary package, I can only suggest you take this up with Canon support.

The Cannon software support answered me, that the error points to an error in

Furthermore they said that they don’t support the driver on all distributions and that they cannot do anything.

They suggested to contact the producer of the distribution or the corrsponding community.
So it seems I am back to square one.


The next step is to submit a bug report

There are some good bug reporting tips here

In particular, this may be applicable too