scan multiple pages to pdf from 11.2

I’m looking for an easy solution (1 click install) to scan multiple pages to one pdf file on openSUSE 11.2 with gnome.

Most tools only support 1 page tobe scanned to pdf.

gscan2pdf looks like a solution but I can’t get it running on 11.2.
(missing dependencies e.g. perl-forks)

Any suggestion?

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I am having the same problem while trying to install gscan2pdf from the site.

It will not let me install because it says there is an unresolved dependency with “perl-forks”, which does not exist (or I haven’t found it) :\

I finally figured out a way to get gscan2pdf installed after you get the “perl-forks” error<:)

  1. Goto Yast and install the following:

perl-Acme-**** (it’s the D word)

  1. Then go to this link to install “perl-forks”:

  2. Now install gscan2pdf from the site:

There is also a rather old walk through at gscan2pdf - Scan multiple Documents, import images to PDF & DjVu | SUSE & openSUSE

Might I also add that the new version of imagemagick will not allow you to save, rotate, or edit scanned documents in gscan2pdf.

I did some searching on this issue and found that if you install the version of imagemagick for OpenSuse 11.0, it will work perfectly.

I had to do it the old way as John Hopkins suggested. Suse 11.2 on my machine would’t install perl-forks even with perl more utils installed. I went through the whole thing again (Gtk2 imagemagick,ex-podviewer, ex-simpleList, sane-frontends etc) and then I could install perl-forks and finally gscan2pdf. It works fine but it was a real hassle!
Samba for Suse is even worse. I am always amazed how difficult it is to get two Linux PC’s talk to each other (desktop Suse and Laptop Ubuntu)I finally got it right.
Gimp works straight away with my scanner (Canon MP520) both with the scangearmp from Canon and xsane.


do you know if the 64 bit version of perl-forks will work on a 32bit system ? if not do you know where I can find a 32 bit version?


Ok I have found the 32 bit version of perl-forks that works at

it seems like its a factory repository so I recommend not remaining subscribed to this repository. But it worked for me.

so the steps are as per the post above by slaol121 except for the perl-forks download.

Good luck

you can also use xsane

I have used xsane but I prefer gscan2pd. I could not find how to scan several pages and save as one pdf file. With gscan2pdf it is as simple as scan all the pages and press save

openoffice writer or openoffice impress can use the scanner using the insert a picture option and export it as pdf.

I’m using xsane with good result.